1.     Is the detergent H.E. (High Efficiency)? Yes, the detergent uses less energy to accomplish the same amount of work.

2.     Are there labels on the detergent upon delivery? Yes and no 😊!  For the detergents comparable to Tide, Gain, Arm and Hammer, Downy, and Dawn there will be a custom label promoting the organization with the schools/teams logo.  Proctor and Gamble own the names to the brands stated earlier so we do not use their branding.

3.     Is there any up-front cost involved in this fundraiser? No

4.     Is the Booster club involved in starting the fundraiser? Again, yes and no 😊! Once I am invited to speak with the parents I explain the fundraiser, answer any questions and pass out customized order forms as well as go over our close out process with the booster club representative responsible for handling the school's/team's funds.

5.     When the money is collected does Coaches Corner write a check back to the organization? No, when the money is collected the money is divided up on the spot and the organization can deposit their money shortly afterwards.

6.     During the fundraiser who answers questions and concerns?  I, Shurrod Dickey, am the customer service representative for the duration of the fundraiser.

7.     How will the order form look? The order form will be customized with the logo and colors of the organization represented in the fundraiser.

8.     How long will it take for the products to be delivered? In about one week.

9.     How is the money collected and product distributed? Close-Out Procedures are distributed to the organization representative that explains dispersal of funds and product delivery procedures.